All Things Heavy Rain, New Gameplay Videos and Developer Interviews

Heavy Rain is an upcoming and highly anticipated PS3 exclusive video game developed by French Studio Quantic Dream, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game is being directed by Quantic Dream’s founder and CEO, David Cage. Until recently not much was known about the game with the exception of a technology demo shown at E3 in 2006, entitled The Casting, and a short interview with Cage in late 2008, not much was known about the project.

What we know now is that the game is an interactive story, with four main characters. If any one of those characters die, the game goes on without them. If all the characters die, the “story” ends. Mr. Cage stressed that there are no traditional game overs, or loading from the last save points. In other words the games story is completely dynamic, anything that happens is because of something you did or did not do previously. As you can imagine, this allows for a seemingly countless amount of possible paths, ensuring that no two gamers will have the exact same experience.

If you missed out on The Casting video, you can view it below, immediately followed by the 2008 interview mentioned above.

Today we came across a actual gameplay video, illustrating the amount of choice you actually have in this game:

Looking sexy? Alright now hit up the interview with David Cage by GameTrailers, about the new interactive storytelling system, how the game deals with death, and the unique “thought” system:

The character in the above video was named Norman Jaden (spelling?), and Cage further elaborates on the characters in this next video, as well as controls and gameplay:

If you are interested, there was another interview done by Game Videos, although it doesn’t really give out too much more information.

Update: Aparrently GameTrailers has an extended version of the gameplay trailer on their site. Unfortunately their embed script is horribly ugly, and doesnt allow HD, so I am just going to point you int he right direction:

Part One | Part Two

Well that’s pretty much everything the public knows so far. Hopeful we will be seeing an appearance from them at the years E3, which is less than two weeks away!

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