PSP 5.03 HEN Exploit Video Hits the Web

Seems everyone with a PSP-3000 is anxiously awaiting this exploit. Developer Devee posted a video on Youtube showing the exploit in action. Devee also states in the video’s notes that he will post another soon showing the exploit launching homebrew. Here is hoping!

From the Video:

This is a demo of the 5.03 firmware running the tiff exploit and booting into a HEN environment on a PSP 2003 (3000 Support also) on 5.03 Official Firmware. This proves that the code survives a reboot and the system software and MAC address can be changed. This is something that only can be done with a kernel exploit. A video launching homebrew will be posted later.

Homebrew Enabler – (Davee) Team Typhoon
5.03 Tiff Exploit – MaTiAz
Video – Granite
The Community – All your support.

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2 Comments to "PSP 5.03 HEN Exploit Video Hits the Web"

  1. Video: PSP 3000 Homebrew Demo | Gamer's Review Corner wrote:

    [...] were many skeptics after a previous video was released showing a PSP-3000 launching a custom firmware, and as a response Team Typhoon [...]

  2. Texas Holdem strategy wrote:

    The reason software developers shun the PSP is because of the high rate of software piracy. To this day Sony has done very little to shut the barn door.

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